MDFEME: We Care. We Listen.

MDFEME is a community of female doctors of diverse backgrounds.  We are not only colleagues but friends. It is our hope that by being transparent about our personal experiences we will help other female doctors and our patients share about their experiences.
The healthcare gap that exists for women and people
of color can only be closed when we begin to listen.

MDFEME Gets a Shoutout
From President Barack Obama

Reading is an important part of who we are as #physicians #doctors #moms #wives #sisters #daughters #friends #colleagues #frontlineworkers
Each month we choose a new Book for our MDFEME squad and followers to join In and read. A Promised Land by Barack Obama @barackobama was our choice to endout #2020  

And then, something Major Happened in February 2021@barackobama sent @md_feme this video #shoutout thanking us for reading #APromisedLand 

This insightful political autobiography peers into more than just his first term of his presidency, but it allows us to bear witness to the humility and gravitas that makes President Barack Obama #legendaryHis writing is detailed, descriptive and gifted. He teleports you from the gardens of the University of Hawaii at Manoa where he played as a child, to the gardens of the White House where he notices the very color of the roses and engages with the staff that worked there. He manages to pull his audience in without arrogance.  The severity with which he examines his choices, the honesty with which he expresses his regrets, and the introspection that allows him to see multiple perspectives is awe inspiring! Spliced in between his detailed dissertation are intimate moments revealing his poise, his candor, his reflective nature that leaves the reader spellbound. 

His evolution into an #icon can best be described by his own words: “At some basic level people were no longer seeing me, I realized, with all my quirks and shortcomings. Instead they had taken possession of my likeness and made it a vessel for a million different dreams.” 

This One is a Must Read! #APromisedLand 

Representation, Identity, and Diversity 365 Days a Year

The experience and contributions of the Diaspora is not monolithic and cannot be contained in a month. We at MDFEME take this opportunity to honor those who have paved the roads we now walk and hope to use our access and opportunities to blaze new trails for those who walk behind us.


President Biden has the challenge of bringing back honor to this esteemed office. The first 100 Days are going full steam ahead as he moved to rejoin the Paris Accord, stop the building of the wall and many more initiatives.  Vice President Harris makes history as the first black female In this level of office.  She is breathing new life into the dreams of many.


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We're Here for You

We want to help everyday people see that your doctor is human and often making huge sacrifices to balance their lives with their profession.

We want our colleagues to have a safe space to share their concerns, free from judgment, guilt and retaliation.

We love our patients and we love medicine. This is why we started this initiative. So that patients who often feel disenfranchised and ostracized by a broken system can see faces like theirs, willing to help.

The healthcare gap that exists for women and people of color can only be closed when we begin to listen.
We Care, We Listen.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Akua Ampadu

Dr Akua Ampadu is a Board certified Internal Medicine hospitalist physician passionate about quality adult and geriatric health care. She is a Brooklyn native originally from Ghana.

Dr. Lubna Chaudhry

Dr. Lubna Chaudhry is a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician practicing in the greater Houston area. Her Muslim heritage and professional training inspired her interest in helping those who experience disparities in medicine.  

Dr. Jana McKenzie

Dr. Jana McKenzie is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Hospitalist in Kansas City, Missouri.  She hails from the nation of Trinidad and Tobago.

Dr. Kristen Scatliffe

Dr. Kristen Scatliffe is a board certified Internal Medicine physician and Pulmonary Critical Care Specialist practicing in Greensboro, NC and Farmington, New Mexico. Originally from the British Virgin Islands, when she started on this path of medicine it was about helping the community she knew.  Now her passion has evolved into reaching those she may never meet.

Dr. Kimberly N. Works

Kimberly N. Works, MD, FAAP is a Board certified Pediatrician  in Atlanta GA. She is the founder and solo physician of Pediatric Works, Atlanta's first Pediatric Direct Primary Care Clinic.  The inception of Pediatric works originated from the idea of getting back to practicing medicine the way it used to be, with a focus on the personal relationship between the patient and the doctor.  She is an advocate for healthy living, practicing mindfulness, and improving self-esteem. Pediatric Works is a proud member of Dekalb Chamber.

Dr. Emily Shay

Dr. Emily Shay is a board-certified Infectious Disease physician. Originally from Spanish Town, Jamaica who recently completed her fellowship in Critical Care Medicine at Cooper University Health Care in Camden, NJ.  She is now practicing in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Dr. Kandice Waul Bennett

Dr. Kandice Waul Bennett is a Board certified Family Medicine Physician practicing in Pittsburgh PA. Her roots are planted in Kingston, Jamaica and extend to Vancouver and New York.

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