Lots of parents are at a loss of what to do for their little ones when they have a viral cold.  It is not the same as a bacterial infection that can be treated with antibiotics.  So, some parents seem to get a little frustrated when they are told to just give it time, rest and fluids.  

Over the years and now having 2 little boys myself, I have come to keep a staple of items around for the “common cold.”

(I am not receiving compensation to promote any of the items I will discuss)

1. Liquid acetaminophen (160 mg/5ml)

2. Liquid ibuprofen (100mg/5ml)

3. Zarbees baby cough syrup (2 months to 1 year)

4. Zarbees cough syrup (made with honey for older than 1 year old) 

5. Zarbees chest rub (2 months and up) 

6. Little Remedies nasal saline 

7. Nasal suction, I like nose Frida, but the nasal bulb works fine

When your little one is a little congested and has a runny nose or seems to be mouth breathing louder than your significant other sleeping soundly, undisturbed next to you then there are a few things to help relieve their discomfort. Steam. I cannot emphasize this enough. Steam is your best friend. The simplest way to achieve this if you do not have a spa in your home with a steam room is to simply run the shower on the hottest temperature and close the door. Return back in 3-5 minutes turn off the hot water and have toys on the floor of the bathroom (not in the bathtub because it will be hot) for you and your little ones to play with. Stay in the room and breath in the steam. Do this at least 3 times per day.    

Nasal saline with every diaper change and before steam. A few drops in each nostril. This helps to loosen up the mucus.  Using nose Frida when there is visible mucus that can be suctioned out.  Using the nose Frida will not be easy but be consistent and your little one will breathe easier.  I also like to apply the zarbees chest rub to the chest/upper back and bottom of feet with each diaper changes as well.  

It pains you to hear your baby cough and wanting to find relief may be hard to find. However, I discovered Zarbees when my oldest had his first cold with a horrific sounding cough. Instead of honey which you cannot give to children less than 1 year of age it has English Ivy which has been shown to be an anti-inflammatory and to help loosen mucus. For your kids older than 1 years then Zarbees has a cough syrup that has Dark honey for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial/viral properties. On a daily basis I usually give my boys a spoonful of dark honey with their morning vitamins regardless if they are sick or well.

For when your babe has a fever that will not break, I like to alternate ibuprofen and Tylenol every four hours. Using ibuprofen or Tylenol for when there is not a fever, but you want your little one to sleep comfortably giving them one dose before bed sometimes helps them sleep a little better.