The MDFeme Squad

We met during medical school and residency and our common bond has helped us remain friends for many years. Get to know us.

Dr. Kristen Scatliffe is a board certified Internal Medicine physician and Pulmonary Critical Care Specialist practicing in Greensboro, NC and Farmington, New Mexico. Originally from the British Virgin Islands, when she started on this path of medicine it was about helping the community she knew.  Now her passion has evolved into reaching those she may never meet. She is an active member of ATS, SCCM and CHEST where she has attended numerous conferences and presented several original publications, posters and abstracts. Some of her most interesting cases include a unique presentations of Post Transplant Lymphoproliferative Disease, Vanishing Lung requiring non surgical lung volume reduction with endobronchial valves, and advanced interventional management of advanced Lung Cancers.  She has published original articles which include: Central Line associated Blood Stream Infection reduction strategies. While she values having the opportunity to see diverse pathology, it was the interpersonal relationships she developed with her patients that have made the biggest imprint on who she is as a physician . She enjoys authors such as Toni Morrison, Ralph Ellison, Ta-Nehisi Coates as well as Tomi Adeyimi and Madeline Miller. She is a spoken word artist and a purist, owning many of her favorite albums on vinyl.  She contributes regularly to mentoring groups aimed at inspiring today’s youth. She speaks to community gatherings regarding lung health and smoking cessation. She has chosen a non traditional career path by becoming a locums physician and it has granted her the autonomy to pursue her passion; to give a voice to all women of color within the construct of medicine. She is active on social media: @krisdbaby79


Dr. Kandice Waul Bennett is a Board-certified Family Medicine Physician practicing in Pittsburgh PA. Her roots are planted in Kingston, Jamaica and extend to Vancouver and New York. She practices Urgent care medicine in an underserved community which she cherishes dearly. She is a strong advocate for her patients and believes that all people regardless of their socioeconomic status should receive quality health care. Prevention is the key, per Dr. Waul, and she practices what she preaches. She loves fresh fruits and stays active. One of her favorite physical activities is snowboarding, she frequents Grouse Mountain and Whistler Blackcomb whenever she visits Vancouver. She is an audiophile and has a special affiliation for music originating in the Caribbean. She too is a robust reader and is currently dissecting “Between the World and Me” by Ta- Nehisi Coates. She is active in community outreach. She also values a strong relationship with God and has indoctrinated this belief into her practice.   She is currently an active member of the ABFM and AAFP community. She is happily married and a mother of an amazing young man. Dr. Bennett is active on social media. IG: @goodas_waulmd 


Dr. Emily Shay is board certified in Infectious Diseases and has recently completed a fellowship in Critical Care Medicine. She is currently practicing in Bismarck, North Dakota. She often states that her beliefs have created the blueprint of her life and understands that God is an intricate part of who she is and has shaped her multifaceted career.  Originally from Spanish Town, Jamaica and later relocating to Vancouver, she is an avid reader. Dr Shay has expressed a fondness for the palpable turning of pages and loves the scent of library books #supportpubliclibraries. She enjoys traveling and is always looking forward to her next exciting destination. She enjoys personal culinary triumphs, dabbles in poetry and curation of art. She acknowledges that one of her unrealized dreams is to hone such crafts as photography and writing. She is currently an active member of both CHEST and SCCM. She engages in community outreach. Dr Shay is active on social media. IG: @idcritdoc


Kimberly N. Works, MD, FAAP is a Board certified Pediatrician  in Atlanta GA. She is the founder and solo physician of Pediatric Works, Atlanta's first Pediatric Direct Primary Care Clinic. The inception of Pediatric works originated from the idea of getting back to practicing medicine the way it used to be, with a focus on the personal relationship between the patient and the doctor.   She has created a warm environment that focuses on patient wellness and safety by offering a wider range of services within the office. Dr. Works served as Vice-Chair of the Pediatrics Department for a Tift Regional Medical Center in Tifton, Georgia, where she was previously employed. Dr. Works has devoted her life to the pursuit of evidence based pediatric medicine and the care of children from birth to adulthood. She is an advocate for healthy living, practicing mindfulness, and improving self-esteem. Dr. Works volunteers on mission trips and is a member of medical leadership organizations. Among all that she does she is still  an avid runner. Pediatric Works is a proud member of
Dekalb Chamber.


Dr. Jana McKenzie is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Hospitalist in Kansas City, Missouri.  She hails from the nation of Trinidad and Tobago. After completing her professional training she had the opportunity to work in an Academic setting as a Hospitalist and Quality Improvement Specialist. She has been exposed to patients from all walks of life. She values her doctor/patient relationships immensely and is constantly striving for refined care as well as the best outcomes. She has practiced hospital medicine for several years and has honed in on perfecting those skills, but her passion has always been outpatient medicine.  She has observed the limitations and side effects of currently available medications to treat chronic pain and mood disorders which triggered her interest in Ketamine therapy. She has had experience in managing her own Ketamine infusion clinic, Simply Me Infusion Center in Myrtle Beach. Being a doctor of osteopathic medicine she realizes the benefits of a holistic approach in treating all of her patients. She prides herself on integrating well rounded care into her practice. Lastly, but not least she is a wife, a mother of two energetic sons and she enjoys traveling the world.


Dr. Akua Ampadu is a Board certified Internal Medicine hospitalist physician passionate about quality adult and geriatric health care.  She is a Brooklyn native originally from Ghana. She recognizes the importance of reading to one’s health and created Healing Words Foundation in 2016, a literacy-based charity aimed at providing books to pediatric wards and outpatient clinics worldwide. As a survivor of work and life related burnout, she aims to provide tools to the general public that are necessary to live a life focused on self-care and self-advocacy. As an advocate of "paying it forward" she engages with the future leaders of medicine, particularly mentoring women and minorities. As a daughter of the African Diaspora, she contributes to several initiatives focused on improving the lives of Africans, particularly through improved health care systems. She is active on social media. IG: @doctorkukie