Colleagues and friends gathered in one room. Some glued to their computers and phones waiting for the notification. Palms sweaty, hearts racing, finally a decision.  Where will I be for the next three to five years or more?  Will my family have to move? Will my marriage or relationship become long-distance? So many questions.... only one answer, this is MATCH WEEK!!!

Congratulations to all of the medical school graduates who have matched this week! We know that several Match Day events have been minimized or cancelled due to the recent efforts to control the spread of COVID 19.  And while we encourage social distancing we also want to recognize your well deserved achievements and accolades.  We all remember when we matched and the feeling of excitement, relief and anxiety associated with the process.

Some members of the MDFEME squad including myself are IMGs (Foreign Medical graduates/International Medical graduates) and while the acceptance of IMGs has increased over the years this time can be particularly challenging for some.  We empathize with you.

For those of you who did not match we encourage you not to give up. The process is not over. Use this set back as a set up for a comeback.  This is merely a stepping stone, not a stumbling block.  There are many avenues available to you and we would like to guide you in the right direction.

Below are some resources for you :
FREIDA™ Allows you to search for a residency or fellowship from more than 11,000 programs - all accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).

2.  The American Medical Association (AMA) knows that the Match journey can be full of unexpected twists and turns. Follow the link to the AMA they help you navigate the transition from medical school with confidence and embark on the next stage of your career.

3. Student Doctor Network
Student Doctor Network is helping build a diverse doctor workforce by providing a wide range of free resources to help students in their educational journey. Many times one can find information on available spots through their forum located:

4. Resident Swap:  
This site affiliated with Student Doctor Network lists currently vacant residency spots at various PGY levels, and positions outside of the Match. Please note that during Match Week, residency positions participating in NRMP Main Residency Match® or NRMP’s Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program® (SOAP®) are not posted there.
Here is the link to the spots currently open:

We hope these resources will help you avenue the road ahead.  Now is the time to use every tool available and follow all of the guidelines as outlined by NRMP( National Residency Match Program), ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service®) and ACGME( Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education). Don't forget to reach out to your medical school's Office of Student Development and see what resources they may offer.