What is MDFEME?

We met during medical school and residency and our common bond has helped us remain friends for many years. Get to know us.

We are a uniquely diverse and dynamic collective of female physicians.

We share a bond as medical practitioners, but we are so much more than just our white coats.

We are wives, mothers, aunts, sisters, friends, and colleagues.

We are women who have experienced both sides of healthcare, as the physician and as the patient.

We know the power of representation and the impact of transparent, honest narratives, both from the collective and individual perspective.

We invite you to listen to our podcast, follow us on social media, engage with us and reach out any time.

Our hope is that we provide a deeper understanding by allowing our community to hear our perspective. Our dialogue is unapologetic, unrehearsed, and unscripted. We are facing the issues that everyone in our communities in an effort to achieve Health Equity.

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